Medical Marijuana and Anxiety | WHITEDUST

Medical Marijuana and Anxiety | WHITEDUST

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Medical Marijuana May Provide Calm to the Anxious

A pounding, audible heartbeat, sweaty palms, accelerated pulse, sleeplessness, shortness of breath, feelings of impending doom, and fidgeting.  

These are just some of the common symptoms of anxiety and they are uncomfortable to experience and at times, difficult to treat. Though all of us get nervous or excited from time to time, anxiety that occurs on a frequent or chronic basis is a diagnosis whose sufferers deserve the best treatment possible. In a sea of possible treatments and therapies, those suffering from anxiety must try different methods to cope.   

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety stems from a variety of places, whether they be biological or environmental.  What differentiates this condition from just being nervous, is its chronicity and the length of time a person suffers.  While nervousness is periodic, panic that lasts for at least six months, negatively affects your daily routines, and is a constant companion you simply cannot shake, may be diagnosed as anxiety.  

There are several different types of anxiety disorders that are borne out of different life events.  No matter the type though, no form of anxiety responds to even the best intended wishes to “just calm down.”  

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How is Anxiety Treated?  

Anxiety can be treated  in a variety of ways. Medications known to treat anxiety, referred to as anxiolytics, can help greatly.  These types of medications are generally meant for intermittent use because they can be very addictive. Nevertheless, many people find that these medications effectively treat the symptoms that can feel downright torturous.

There are non pharmaceutical treatment options too, and they include hypnotherapy, talk therapy, meditation and mindfulness exercises, physical exercise, and attendance at support groups—and these days, cannabis, for some individuals.  A key element to the treatment of anxiety is the acknowledgement and understanding that you are not suffering alone and more than that, that you are not the only one with anxiety. Also, a therapy that works for one person, will not suit another—it’s all about trial and error and what your doctor suggest. Always consult with your doctor before trying a new treatment therapy.

It is of particular significance that panic and fear accompany this condition and often seem to come out of the blue, unconnected from anything happening at a given moment.  To non-sufferers, feeling nervous on a sunny day, when the sky is the brightest of blues and you seemingly have no cares in the world, can be confusing and frustrating. The nature of anxiety is simply that it is, and that can be very difficult to understand.


Can Medicinal Marijuana Alleviate Symptoms of Anxiety?

Though its legality varies from state to state within the US, there is greater acceptance, both in the medical and general communities, of marijuana as an anti-anxiety treatment.  That is really good news for sufferers because one of marijuana’s main ingredients, CBD or Cannabidiol, is a known relaxant that mimics traditional anxiolytics. This part of the cannabis plant is unfortunately not as widely developed as it’s other main ingredient, known as THC or  tetrahydrocannabinol, as THC is often used to treat pain related to cancer, Crohn’s disease, and other excruciating conditions.   THC is also known to encourage feeling “high” and can in fact increase symptoms of anxiety, conditions the anxiety sufferer would do far better without!

While proper dosing of CBD is key, one of the best ways to maximize its benefits is through vaping.  And because you can vape marijuana in a multitude of forms including oils, tinctures, and dry herbs, CBD is a worthy option for the treatment of anxiety, without the addictive side effects traditional medication can sometimes leave behind.