Finally Human Head Transplant is Possible

Finally Human Head Transplant is Possible

December 27, 2016 0 By admin

A mind transplant is a surgical process, which entails grafting of a single organism’s head on the body of another organism. Head transplants originally and successfully done on dogs, rats, and reptiles, by surgeons, although all of the animals which experienced the mind transplantation operation were not able to maneuver & died in a brief while.

Individual mind transplantation is severing somebody’s mind, and it’ll be attached to some other individual’s body. In the process of mind transplantation the spinal cord will be cut off, repaired then fused to the donor’s entire body, and skin is going to be stitched back together as normally. In this operation, fresh bodies procured from a transplant donor, that has announced as the donor has brain dead.

If the operation result was favorable and done successfully, then the procedure could still result in a’unexpected psychological responses’ in the individual since they’ll get accustomed to their new lifestyle, therefore a potential fact world would be to prepare the individual for another body has been developed.


  • Originally with the support of an ultra-sharp blade, the mind of the donor and patient have to be severed in precisely the exact same time to provide a clean incision.
  • Afterward the individual’s head could be connected to the donor entire body using a remedy called polyethylene glycol also called PEG.
  • This alternative will be injected between the 2 ends of the spinal cord to assist them to find fuse together.
  • Muscles and also the blood supply is going to be stitched together, by doing so procedure patient is put to a coma allowing to get cure.
  • In this period, the individual gets to expose to little electric shocks; this jolt will excite their spinal cord & has strengthen the relations between their mind and also their fresh body.
  • Since the individual brought from a medically-induced coma, the individual would have the ability to move gradually, feel that their face and they could able to talk with the exact same low tone.
  • Quite powerful immunosuppressant drugs prescribed because to halt the individual new body from becoming rejected.
  • It’s also probable that individual would call for high intensive emotional support in every facet.
  • When the surgery is successful, the radical process could provide new hope to a number of thousands of paralyzed and handicapped men.


(a) In Animals

Before thoughts transplantation paths moves into individuals, all of the issues initially have to deal with from the animal trials. However there are many problems to acquire acceptance for animal experiments that also involve considerably cruelty. The pub for approving such a surgery methods involves demonstrating that the operation was equally helpful and necessary to people.

The initial head transplantation process was completed back in the’50s if the surgeon & leader in transplantation operation Vladimir Demikhov, grafted mind & forelimbs of a little puppy on the entire body of another dog. He adopted this method together with his famous work that entailed the invention of these two-headed dogs. Unsurprisingly, none of the creatures lasted for over a few days.

Nevertheless, the very first powerful head transplantation surgery trailed on a fighter and has been conducted in 1970 and performance has been completed by Dr. Robert White, that was inspired by previous work of Demikhov. Though White revealed the feasibility of this operation, he didn’t bother to try to cancel spinal cords of their donor fighter with receiver fighter, therefore it had been paralyzed and could unable to breathe with no assistance. Though small has done afterward, medication was improved from the leaps & bounds since then. So much so that you neurosurgeon thinks that the method could shortly be performed on people too.

Following that, the South Korean group trailed by utilizing PEG solution at a puppy. They claim 90 percent of the cable had improved. While the puppy originally paralyzed, three days after the surgeons noted that it managed to move the limb after three weeks dog managed to walk and wag its tail.

(b) In People

First human mind transplantation performed to some 30-year-old Russian developer Valery Spiridonov, that suffered from a strange disorder known as Werdnig–Hoffmann disease. This disorder is a type I spinal muscular atrophy commonly called as a deadly hereditary disorder that breaks down muscles and kills nerve cells from the brain and spinal cord which assist the body movement. And in addition, he suffered from slowly decreasing health issues. Spiridonov restricted to a wheelchair, and his limbs are his moves primarily confined to feeding himself, typing & restraining his wheelchair with the assistance of joystick.

He volunteered to provide his mind for the analysis. The donor to the analysis selected by screening for comparable height, construct, and immunotype. Head transplantation operation was completed by Italian neurosurgeon Professor Sergio Canavero, expect to execute this experiment by the highly contentious process.

Spiridonov advised that `’Eliminating all of the ill components, but the mind did an superb job in my situation, I couldn’t find another way to deal with disease ” While performing the operation, it had been estimated to last about 36 hours, Spiridonov’s head chilled at about 12 degrees Celsius, to cut out of his body as promptly as possible after which the mind attached to a given body of a brain-dead individual. Canavero aided by a team contains 100 surgeons and alternative medical guidance, including some physicians who have past knowledge in mind transplantation surgeries performed on animals.

After operation, Spiridonov maintained within an artificially-induced coma for 3 — 4 months in the meantime physicians aroused his spinal cord nerves to reconnect and it began working. Transplants of distinct organs are now widely performed in many regions of the Earth, but all efforts of mind transplant performed on animals quickly led to death. But, Canavero forecasts that Spiridonov not merely resides with his brand-new body but he able to walk within a year of their operation.


  • When your mind transplant is successful, then paraplegics sufferers that suffer from large quantities of spinal cord undamaged & individuals that suffer from muscular dystrophy can cause an individual and self explanatory future.
  • Patients may return to doing things that which they love and will live more effective lives.

Conclusion: So by the detecting and from taking consideration of all of the above instances, i.e. both in humans and animals, head transplantation wasn’t impossible operation, but it’s a highly complex project and involves large intensive psychological aid in patients on each aspect.